What size unit do I need

The trick with storage units is getting one that meets your needs, but doesn't exceed your needs. If a routine clean-up of your home, business or rental property leaves you with excess items that need to be stored, use this handy guide to gauge what size would be best for you.


What It Will Store

10'X 10'

100 sq. ft. An Average Bedroom. Generally speaking, this storage unit size can hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment, including a bed, box springs, mattress, sofa, washer and dryer, chair, and chest of drawers.

10' X 15"

150 sq. ft. Large/Master Bedroom. Affording 50 more square feet of space than a 10x10, this size unit can store all or most items from a two bedroom apartment or a small home.

10' X 20'

200 sq. ft. One Car Garage. Our 200 sq. ft. storage units can typically hold all the contents of a 3-4 bedroom home. They can also be used for storing an automobile.

10' X 30'

300 sq. ft. Small office. This unit can hold all the contents of a larger home, generally with up to 5 bedrooms and including space for large appliances and furnishings such as a refrigerator, washer and dryer, sofas, chairs and a kitchen table and chairs. A boat may also be stored if desired.

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